Friday, June 10, 2011

Collard Greens and Garlic Scapes

We got a shipment of early produce from the Small Potatoes Farm today.  Eggs - yes, asparagus - yummy, leaf lettuce - the Rev was looking forward to that,.  .  . and then I found collard greens and garlic scapes - what in the world is this???

I'm a Minnesota Swede, what do I know from greens and scapes?  Oh well, let's try this out.  Off to the web to look for recipes.  I found out that garlic scapes were the green tops of garlic plants.  Apparently they have a mild garlic flavor.  Collard greens are in the cabbage family and very popular in southern cooking.  I could find all sorts of recipes for greens and in the southern style almost all included something like ham hocks or the sort.  Well, I don't have ham hocks and I'm not really into that so I kept looking.  Then I found a Bobby Flay recipe for sauteed kale (those are greens also).  Olive oil, a couple of cloves of garlic and finish it with vinegar.  Now this is more my speed.  And if this has garlic in it already I'll bet I can include the scapes.

So off I went creating my first batch of sauteed greens.  I coarse chopped the collards and the scapes and threw them in the pan.  Served as a side dish with panko coated chicken breast and a small baked potato - dinner was on the table in no time.  The Rev and I agree, the greens were a hit, the best part of the meal.  They had a great, fresh taste, no over powering garlic flavor and the vinegar finish just accented the greens. 

I think I am going to like this arrangement with the CSA farm.  I can't wait for more of the vegetables that I am used to eating but in the mean time, I'm learning to enjoy some "greens" that otherwise I probably would have never tried.

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