Friday, August 06, 2010

We had a raccoon in the yard

Well, we have moved to West Des Moines.  The Rev is settled into her pulpit and I am back on the sales floor,this time at Slumberland.  I think we are going to like Des Moines.  It is a beautiful city with a lot happening.  We are still learning our way around, of course, but what we have seen so far is very nice.

But not everything has been pleasant.  Our home is nice but no one told us about our nocturnal visitor.  We discovered after a couple of nights that we had a local raccoon that had decided our back patio was a great location for his personal latrine.  I stayed up one night to see if I could scare it away but I missed him.  I can tell you though that he came between 3 AM and 3:30.

I wasn't looking forward to this battle but as it turned out, it was a simple solution.  I went to Home Depot and found a product called "Critter Ridder".  I just spread the granules around the patio and I haven't seen the raccoon since.  I can't believe it was that easy but it worked.

Guess I have to recommend Critter Ridder.  It worked very well for me.

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