Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ames Flood

Yesterday was a tough day in Ames.  It just hasn't stopped raining in central Iowa and the water has to go somewhere.  Here is a picture from the Des Moines Register showing a part of the ISU campus near Squaw Creek.  That is the football stadium in the center of the picture and at the top is Hilton Collesium, home for the indoor sports events as well as concerts and conventions.

Unfortunately one young lady was swept up in the flood waters and drowned.  The city was closed yesterday when two major highways into the city were topped by the flood waters.  It is reported that the water supply has been contaminated so that is gone as well.

Memories of Cedar Rapids two years ago has me depressed today.  I know all too well how many of these people feel. 

My prayers are with them all.  And in those prayers is the hope they will find. . .

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