Monday, September 07, 2009

A New Beginning

In my last post I celebrated the 60 years that my parents have been married. Well today I want to recognize a new beginning.  The marriage of my daughter Katie to her Nick.  Last Saturday the Sunbob clan descended upon the little town of Hopkinton and two families were united.

It was an outdoor wedding and Mother Nature couldn't have been kinder.  The temperature was a very mild 78 with just enough breeze to keep us cool and keep the bugs away.  It couldn't have been better if I had programmed it on a computer.

As you can see, the mother of the bride was looking great as well.  I haven't seen the Rev looking that happy in a long time.  Many people have asked if she presided at the service.  Well, that was the original request from the bride but my love decided that she wanted to be the mother of the bride for this occasion and not the pastor.  We had the very gracious and capable services of the groom's aunt for that duty.  Kim did a wonderful job.  And that was not an easy task when you realize that there were at least four other pastors in attendance.

And I am proud to report that I was able to pretty much keep it together throughout the service -  at least until the reception when I got to dance with my daughter.  I'm afraid that was when I really started to get emotional.  This is my baby - and she isn't a baby any more.

Let's just say I fully approve of this marriage and wish them both, all of the love and happiness that I have been fortunate to have found.

It has been quite a summer.  An ordination in June, the celebration of 60 years of marriage in August, and now the beginning of a new marriage.  Unlike last year, this has been a great summer.  What a difference a year makes.


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