Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Guess I Didn't Really Want That Bottle of Coke

As I headed out the door for my meeting at church today, I told my self I should stop on the way and get a bottle of coke to get me through the meeting. No problem - I thought - I'm running a little late but I drive right by the Kwik Shop on the way, I'll stop there.

As I came up on the corner for the store I couldn't believe all of the traffic. No way was I going to be able to turn left into the Kwik Shop. No problem - I thought - I'll just go across the street on the right to the pharmacy - I can get a Coke there.

Ah yes, this is much easier - a right hand turn into the parking lot and there is even a parking spot right at the door. I went in and selected my bottle of Coke Zero. This is now my drink of choice - real Coke taste with zero calories. Off I go to the counter to check out. When I got up front I found just one register open and there was a line of 5 people ahead of me. Bummer - I'm gonna be late for my meeting if I don't watch out. Oh well, the line will move quickly - I thought. Then I hear over the loudspeker - "Manager to the front please - manager to the front counter." Wait a minute, this line isn't moving. Off to my right I see the pharmacist. He has come up from the pharmacy counter in the back of the store.
"My computer is down, is yours working?"
"Mine's down also", said the clerk. "I tried to call you but the phones are dead too."
Then the clerk turned to us in line and told us he couldn't do anything until they fixed the problem. Oh well, I guess I'll just put this coke back and go to my meeting. I don't have time to wait - I'll be late. So I put the coke back and drove downtown to the church.

It wasn't until I got to the church that I realized that I was half an hour early - cool, I have time to run over to the grocery store, it's just two blocks away. So off I went and this time I had no problem buying a coke. They didn't have a Coke Zero in the case but a Classic would do just fine. I grabbed my coke, paid for it, and got back to the church just as the rest of the people were starting to arrive. Hey, this is going to be alright - I thought.

As I was settling in I grabbed my coke and then I noticed that it didn't seem to be as full as they usually are. Oh well, maybe it was just a little glitch in the bottling - no problem - I thought.

I went to open the bottle and that was when I realized why the bottle looked to be a little short on volume. The seal on the bottle had been broken - someone had opened this bottle, taken a swig, and then put it back in the case.

Well, I guess I didn't really want that bottle of coke after all.

True story.

May all your bottles be full and your lines empty.


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