Friday, March 13, 2009

I went for a drive in Timecheck

I went for a drive in the Timecheck district of Cedar Rapids today. This area was hit hardest by the flood and is having the most difficulty in coming back. Many of the homes are beyond repair and much of the area is being considered for demolition for a flood control zone. But many of these people don't know just what to do. Are they really going to be bought out? They have been saying for months that money for the buy outs is on the way but none has arrived yet. They are told to wait.

So for now here is what you see in your windshield when you drive through this district:

I also drove over to Czech Village to see how they were doing.

This area is a couple of miles downstream and is the home of the National Czech & Slovak Museum. As you can see the Museum is still boarded up. They are hoping to be able to reopen this year but we shall see.

This area has some businesses so it is coming back. A few of the shops have reopened and you can see that work is being done on more of them. This was a beautiful area full of wonderful shops, a bakery, and restaurants. I hope they will be able to bring this area back.

Well, enough of the depression activities for today. I hope your world brings you . . . PEACE.
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