Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fargo getting hit again

Pray for the people around the Red River in North Dakota and Minnesota. The flood waters are coming again. They were hit hard in 1997 and have been a model for us in Cedar Rapids on how to recover from a devastating flood. Now they are getting hit again.

The Associated Press is reporting (here) that the flood crest is expected to be higher than '97. Let's all hope and pray that this doesn't happen again.

The people of Fargo have been very helpful to us in Cedar Rapids, They have sent teams to help clean up and have shared their recovery experience with us. Now they are having to battle the river again. I know we have teams from CR already on the ground in Fargo, lending our assistance in return.

This is, of course, the thing that scares us the most here - that we could flood again. It has been 12 years for Fargo, we might be ready if we could be clear for 12 years. I know I have been watching the river behind the store this spring. We got over to 10 feet last week (flood stage is 12') but it looked so non-threatening after last spring that it was sort of a funny feeling. But I still find myself looking out the window from my office - checking out the river. I suspect it will be a long time before that concern goes away.

Let's all hope that Fargo survives this latest threat. They are good people.

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