Friday, March 27, 2009

Fargo Nearing the Crest

It looks like The Red River in the Fargo/Moorhead area will hit its crest on Sunday. The best guess right now is about 42 feet. That is 3 feet higher than the previous record and 24 feet over what is considered flood stage of 18 feet.

Here is a great video about what is happening there. INFORUM, a service of the Fargo newspaper, has created a "social network" were area residents can communicate with each other. Thousands have already evacuated the area just to be safe. But if you want to see how real people handle crisis, read this site. These people are doing it right.

I've never been to Fargo but I spent some of my "formative years" living a bit south of there in Aberdeen, SD and know what the people of this part of the country are like. They are hard working people, what we used to call "salt of the earth" when I was younger.

Please pray for these people and the others downstream (up stream?, after all this river does flow north.) They are going to need God's help as well as their own.

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