Saturday, February 17, 2007

Burldog Wins Number 3

Burldog44 posted his third Holdem Affair victory tonight when he took out newcomer, Catorick in the heads up match. He was the chip leader after the first hour and was in third place when we seated the final table. He was the chip leader again by the time we got down to five and the money table. It was just good, solid play tonight by our favorite puppy that put him in the winner’s circle.

Here are your leaders for the final table:
Catorick = 11170
Hazy Cat = 10800
Burldog44 = 7710
coachstove = 6995
Big Lar8 = 6400
Kate Starbird = 5240
Glenso = 450
AZ Golfer = 2970
bugman22j = 1760
Luckie in Luv = 1405

Bugman22j was the first to fall from the final table when he pushed big slick and into Kate Starbird holding Jd 5c. The flop hit Kate with the 5h and it was time to call it a night for Bugman.

Glenso was our next victim when his A T off suit ran into AZ Golfer and pocket eights. AZ flopped his set and Glenso was history,

Hazy Cat took a brutal beat to bust out in 8th place. All in before the flop with Ac Tc against Luckie in Lov with Qs Ts. The rainbow flop hit them both with an ace and a queen. Then Luckie hit runner/runner spades for the flush.

Big Lar8 finished 7th when he pushed his short stack As 3h and Burldog44 made the call with big slick. A low board with an ace river missed Lar and it was bubble time.

Kate Starbird took it on the chin when he (yes, he) was all-in with pocket sevens and Catorick showed pocket queens. Catorick hit his set on the flop and Kate Starbird was our 6th place finisher. We were down to the money table.

In tournament poker you live and die by the suck out. Luckie in Lov stayed alive with one earlier in the final table but it was her demise at the money table. All-in preflop with pocket kings against Burldog44 with pocket nines. Puppy hit his set on the flop and the night was done for our Luckie one.

Just a few hands later Coachstove was short stacked and pushed his queen three suited into the middle hoping for a steal. But Catorick looked him up with king/ten suited. The flop hit Cato hard with king four/four and that was the end of the night for Coachstove. We were down to three and Burldog was in the lead.

Burldog44 made short work of the last two. Hand 93 of the final table and AZ Golfer is in second position with almost as many chips as Burldog. AZ limped from the small blind and Burldog joined him from the big blind to see a cheap flop fall 8s Kh Qc. AZ Golfer checked and Burldog pushed on what looked like a steal. AZ Golfer made the call and turned over Js 9c for the gutter. Burldog showed for the flopped top pair. I guess it wasn’t a steal after all. An Ad on the turn kept AZ alive but the river was the 7s. No help for our new found, warm weather friend.

The very next hand was the end. Burldog opened for 3850 and Catorick immediately pushed all 10425 into the middle. Hey, I like this action. And it was legit. Catorick showed Ac Qs. You can’t fault that play at all. But Burldog44 turned over pocket fives. Somehow I think I have seen this scenario played out before. A classic tournament Holdem race. The final board fell Tc 2s 8s 8d Kh. The fives held up this time. Burldog44 was our winner.

Another great week of friends and poker. For the majority of you – stay warm and . . .

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