Sunday, December 03, 2006

Stevob19 Gets #2

Stevob19 posted his second Holdem Affair victory this week in a masterful final table appearance.  Actually, I shouldn’t imply he was just strong in the final table.  He was a force to contend with throughout the event this evening.  Glenso had to settle for second place for the second week in a row.  This is starting to be a pattern – Glenso at the final table and well into the money.  Jillymae (we dubbed her sexy jilly)  was the third place finisher.  I didn’t blow up at the final table this week and took down fourth place.  And we saw a new face at the money table, Purplesage rounded out the field.

We had a field of forty this week.  A good turn out for our little event.  We were down to 29 by the first hour break.  Here are your leaders.
  1. VictorDave = 5325

  2. Jillymae = 4490

  3. the Tiburon = 3940

  4. Stevob19 = 3715

  5. Glenso = 3550

  6. CowboyWillie = 3250

  7. Purplesage = 2850

  8. winforlife = 2660

  9. skippy2 = 2405

  10. slotcrazy45 = 2140

It took another 45 minutes to shed those extra 19 players to set the final table.  VictorDave fell on hard times in the second hour and just missed the final table this week.  I’m sure we will see him back there next week.  Here is your final table.
  1. the Tiburon = 8960

  2. Jillymae = 8500

  3. Stevob19 = 7350

  4. Glenso = 6490

  5. Purplesage = 5680

  6. CowboyWillie = 5410

  7. slotcrazy45 = 5165

  8. Sunbob = 4360

  9. Mellow Yellow = 4245

  10. SdBe = 1495

SdBe was our short stack going into the final table but had improved in the first orbit.  When we got to hand 13 he was still low on chips but with the antes 25 and the blinds 150/300 was just in short stack status.  But pocket tens is a good hand and when you need to make a play they are a welcome sight.  All folded to me in the small blind and I raised to 1750.  SdBe looked down at to see tens in the big blind and I’m sure he factored in that I could very easily be on a steal.  He pushed his last 2565.  I made the call because this time I wasn’t stealing with air – I held Ac Qc.  No clubs on the flop and the turn was no help to me either.  But I rivered the Qs and SdBe was our first casualty of the final table.  And I was now the chip leader.  But only for one hand.  The Tiburon took the next pot and reclaimed the lead.  But then I took it back on the next hand.  This was getting fun.

Hand 16 and CowboyWillie was down to 1635 posting the small blind.  Stevob19 raised to 1275 and Willie was holding Ah Tc.  He decided it was time to take his stand and pushed his last 1610 into the middle.  Good play but Steve held big slick this time.  That king kicker was the difference and we were down to eight.  

The action was fast in the early going this week.  Hand 22 and Mellow Yellow was on life support with only 305 left in his armory.  All in with ace deuce is good enough in this situation but the shark held Ad 9d.  Tiburon took this one down and Mellow Yellow had to settle for eighth place this week.

The Tiburon was back in the chip lead but only for this hand.  On the very next hand he ran into Glenso.  Glenso opened for 1100 and Tiburon called from the big blind.  The flop came 4h Tc Ac.  Tiburon bet 2525 and Glenso came over the top for all 8380.  The shark made the call and turned over Ad 9c for top pair and very good kicker.  Oops, Glenso showed Ah Kh.  Top pair better kicker.  Both had the backdoor flush draw.  The 5c on the turn gave Tiburon some more outs but the 7h on the river wasn’t one of them.  Glenso was now our chip leader and Tiburon was now relegated to sixth position.

Hand 27.  All fold to Slotcrazy45 on the button who min-raised to 600.  Stevob19 re-raised to 2275 in the small blind on the re-steal.  Slot made the call to see the flop fall low, 3h 4c 9h.  Steve bet the pot taking slot all-in with her call.  What in the world could these two have that hit that flop.  Oh, okay – slotcrazy turned over pocket deuces but Stveob19 showed his pocket eights.  The eights held up and slotcrazy45 was our 7th place finisher.  That hand put Stevob19 in second place. – Glenso was still our leader.

The field was starting to shake out now and tighten up at the top.  By hand 39 Glenso was still our leader at 14860 followed by Stevob19 with 13050, Sunbob 11545 and Jillymae with 10305.  Purplesage had 5180 and the Tiburon only 5060.

We battled for another 20 hands without much change in the pecking order.  Then on hand 60, Glenso opened for 2000 and the Tiburon pushed from the big blind for his final 5635.  Kd Qs looks good against a steal attempt from the chip leader.  You can’t fault our shark for the play.  But this time Glenso held pocket tens.  Isn’t that the classic tournament show down?  Mid pocket pair versus two over cards.  This time the pocket pair held up and the Tiburon was bubble boy.  Bummer Ti. We had our money table paying five this week.  

Hand 72 and the action is picking up now that the bubble has burst.  Glenso has a commanding chip lead.  All folded to Purplesage in the small blind who completed the bet and Stevob19 raised to 2175 in the big blind.  Purplesage pushed back for the rest of he 9685 and we had a race.  Purplesage with Ks Jd and Steve held Ad 9c.  The 9d on the flop would have been enough but the river added insult with the As.  Purplesage finished in the fifth place money.  Stevob19 was now right up there with Glenso.

Just two hands later, I pushed UTG with my small stack of 5340 holding pocket sevens.  Do you like the play?  I thought it was going to be good but Stevob19 was right behind me with pocket queens.  He re-raised and pushed everyone else out.  No miracles for me this time.  I settled for fourth place this week.  I’ll take that any time with this field.

We were down to three now with Stevob19 in the lead with 27575, Glenso held second with 22495 and Jillymae was a distant third with 9930.

Hand 87 and Steve is puling away.  Glen folded and jilly raised to 2025.  Steve re-raised to 6300 to test jilly who pushed back with all 8730.  Ks Qs looked good to Jillymae but Stevob19 held pocket sevens.  Again the pocket pair held up in this race.  Jillymae was our third place finisher.  

Going into the heads up match, Stevob had 41330 and Glenso 18670.  Glenso fought hard.  He is always a force to contend with in a heads up match but this week he just couldn’t get any traction against Stevob19.  But it took until hand 134 before Steve could finish the deal.  They were all-in with Glenso showing 7h 8d and Stevob19 holding &h 9c.  The flop hit them both with Ts 8c Qh but Glenso couldn’t get any further.  Stevob19 had booked his second Holdem Affair victory and for the second week in a row Glenso had to settle for second place.

Another great week of poker and friendship.  This is the highlight of my week.  What does that tell you about my life?

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