Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Den of Thieves

It was a den of thieves at the final table this week. Steal after steal, raise and re-raise. You had no way of knowing who was going to come out on top. It was ThePokerWolf. The Wolf howled tonight and prevailed over the tiger and a field of other sharks. DebiMac was at our money table but was getting the “diss” as she sat across the table with no one else close to her.

Forty-two players sat down for the Holdem Affair tonight. ThePokerWolf was our winner, with Sengar coming back from the dead after the first hour to claim second place. Slick63 was back in action and action he provided, with a remarkable recovery from a tremendous beat to finish in third. Divinetiger was up to his tricks at this final table, giving action as good as he got. And he got enough of the action to take home the fourth place money. Our dear, sweet, properly bathed DebiMac had to settle for fifth.

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