Monday, December 11, 2006

Jewelcard in the Bounty on UB

Jewelcard earned himself a pay day in the 9:01 PM, - $6+.50 Bounty tournament tonight. I started watching him early on and finally tuned him in for real when they were down to 25. I started paying close attention when they got down to about a dozen and Jewelcard was in second place. When they hit the final table Jewelcard was firmly in fourth place. Then I watched as he climbed the ladder. First sgolfers09 bit the dust, then littlemf pushed a short stack only to be run down by the chip leader. Redonthhead9 was the next to fall then rplace succumbed to the escalating blinds. Salonka busted out in sixth and we had the final five.
  1. Tazman070 = 709125

  2. descott = 400655

  3. Jewelcard = 319630

  4. JoeBabb = 161070

  5. 79transam = 37020

Jewelcard was climbing that ladder very well when he ran into JoeBabb on hand 67. They were down to just four players left. 79transma had already fallen. Jewelcard was firmly in third place with 293530 and JoeBabb right behind him with 222690. The antes were 1600 and the blinds 8000/16000. Jewelcard opened for 80000 and JoeBabb re-raised all-in. Jewelcard held Ah Td and decided to make the call. JoeBabb turned over As Js and our good friend was in trouble. The table finished 6h 3c 5s 4s 8d, missing them both. Jewelcard was now down to his last 70540. He stole the next blinds for 46400 and it looked like he might climb out of the short stack.

On hand 71 he limped in with Jc Tc along with JoeBabb and Descott. The flop came Qh 4s 5d. Both checked to Jewelcard and he pushed his last 54540. JoeBabb dove for cover but Descott made the call and turned over Qc 5s. I can’t fault Jewelcard for his play and it took a very good hand by descott with top two pair to bring Jewelcard to his end. The Kc on the turn made it interesting but the river 6d sent Jewelcard packing. He had to settle for fourth place in this 1,085 field and a nice little pay out to go with the bragging rights.

Way to go Jewelcard. It is always a treat to see one of our own Holdem Affair regulars go deep in the bigger fields.

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