Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hyzer22 Power

Hyzer22 put on a masterful show of power poker tonight to win his first Holdem Affair. He was nowhere to be found at the first hour break. But when we got to the final table he was in third place. He had the chips lead when we hit the money table and then he turned up the heat. He took control of the table and totally dominated the action from then on with his raising and pushing style of play. Slick63 survived to be his heads up victim. Newcomer Retro Kel showed she could play with the best finishing a very solid third place. Papoorboy and Sissy123 completed the money table this week.

Forty players sat down this week and it was a slug fest. We ere already down to 26 when the first hour break came around. Here are your leaders
Slick63 = 5460
Takechances = 5365
burldog44 = 5040
VegasSno = 3835
Retro Kel = 3820
sissy123 = 3560
Papoorboy = 3365
big lar8 = 3035
txranger2 = 2995
Divinetiger = 2115

It didn’t take all that long to get to the final table. Like I said the action was vicious this week. It seems like the early play is loosening up in our little Holdem Affair. One hour and 49 minutes into play I busted out in 11th place to set the final table.
Takechances = 16385
Retro Kel = 8445
Hyzer22 = 7345
slick63 = 4795
Papoorboy = 4540
big lar8 = 4330
sissy123 = 3465
K 2 Off Suit = 2950
txranger2 = 2765
nicnac16 = 2060

The action started fast and it was only the fifth hand of the final table when sissy123 pushed all into the middle holding pocket nines. Ninac16 rose to the challenge and made the call with big slick As Kc. The board missed them both and ended up Qc 7d 2h Js 5h, sending nicnac16 to an early exit.

The next excitement was on hand 19. With the antes 25 and the blinds 150/300, Takechances was the chip leader UTG and raised to 600. Retro Kel was the only caller to see the flop come Kc 8d 9h. TC bet 300 and Retro Kel raised to 600, Takechances re-raised to 900 and was called. Hmmmm – just what is this dance all about? The turn Qh saw Takechances bet 3675 and Retro Kel responded by pushing all 3795 into the middle – TC was priced in and called. Takechances turned over As Tc – he had been bluffing the gut shot straight draw. Retro Kel turned over Kh Qs – two pair and a great call. The river 8h was no help and Retro Kel doubled up with an 11265 pot. More significantly, Takechances was still the chip leader but only barely now.

The very next hand we saw Txranger go all in with Ac Qd after the board flopped Ah 6c 8s. Looked like a good play until Hyzer22 made the call holding Ad Kc. Oops, txranger22 was gone in 9th place. Hyzer22 was now in the chip lead.

Hand 29 and Papoorboy made his presence known to this final table. With the antes 50 and the blinds 200/400, Big Lar8 raised to 975 and Papoorboy called to see the flop come low - Ts 2d 6s. Pa checked and big lar8 bet another 975. Papoorboy check raised to 3500 and big lar8 responded by pushing to 4485. Papoorboy made the gutsy call holding Qh 6d – middle pair. Big Lar8 was pushing with As Js – two over cards and the nut flush draw. The turn 5c and the river 2c sealed the fate of the big guy and sent him packing in 8th place. Interesting play Pa. This hand gave Papoorboy the chip lead with Hyzer right behind him and Takechances a very close third.

The three dominated the table with stacks of 13415, 11820 and 10775. But that was soon to change. Takechances won a nice pot on hand 31 and then came the meltdown. Second best hands on the next four played sent Takechances reeling. By hand 36 he was down to 1945 and in desperation mode. He won hands 39 and 40 to at least climb back but with the blinds now at 300/600 his 5015 stack was still pretty light.

Sissy doubled up through Papoorboy on hand 50 when her A7o hit two pair against pa’s pocket fours and that sent him into a spin. Now Pa was fighting for his life. Everyone was jockeying for position and Hyzer was just sitting with the lead staying healthy.

Hand 56 and Papoorboy dealt the life threatening blow to Takechances. TC had been staying alive but this hand saw Takechances go all-in holding Ah 8c. Papoorboy made the call with Ac Qs. The Qd on the flop was all it took for Papoorboy to double up and get healthy and send Takechances to the ER on life support.

TC fought back and won hand 58. On hand 60 we saw K2 Off Suit pushing it all into the middle with Kc Kh. We haven’t heard much from this newcomer but the solid play spoke for itself. K 2 had sucked Hyzer into the pot and looked good when he turned over Ac Qc. But the flop came Jd Qd Qs and just to be sure the poker gods sent the Qh on the turn to send K2 Off Suit to the rail in 7th place. Great game K 2 and what a way to go.

Takechances was the official short stack now that we were on the bubble. Hand 63 with the antes 100, and the blinds 400/800. Hyzer22 opened for 1600 and Takechances pushed in his last 4580 holding Ah 8h. Hyzer22 made the call with his big stack holding just Js 7s. Don’t you just hate big stack poker? The flop came 9d 3c 8d and TC was looking good. The turn was the 7h but still Chances was in the lead. But the river Jc gave Hyzer22 two pair and Takechances had earned the dubious honor of going into the final table with twice as many chips as the number two player and yet he busted out on the bubble. Yech – this game can drive you nuts.

We were now ITM and we all watched as Hyzer22 put it into high gear and pushed out the rest of the table. Hand 65, all-in with 8s Ts against sissy holding pocket eights. Hyzer22 hit the spade flush and sissy was gone.

Hand 71 actually saw Hyzer in the muck as Papoorboy went to war with slick63. We got to the turn looking at 2s Ac Ts Qc on the board. Papoorboy pushed and slick63 called. Papoorboy showed Ad Js – top pair with a good kicker. Slick63 turned over 7s Qs – middle pair and the flush draw. The river card was the decider and it was the 8s. Slick63 hit his flush and Papoorboy hit the rail.

It was now Hyzer and slick with Retro Kel a distant third place. Retro Kel doubled up on hands 75 & 76 and was fighting for her life. Pocket aces and some action on hand 81 and Kel is back in the game. During this time Hyzer is playing his big stack with power. He is raising almost every hand and making it clear you better have cards to come after him. Hand 92 and Kel opened for 4575, slick called and Hyzer pushed all 22580 into the middle. See what I mean? He was putting Kel and slick to the test on almost every hand. But this time Retro Kel figured she had him. She went to the felt with her Ac Qh. This is the hand she had been waiting for. Hyzer turned over 2h 2c and the race was on. The deuces in this situation are a 52/48 favorite. And that was how it ended when the board showed 8c 5d 8s 3h 6s. Retro Kel was gone in third place. Excellent game Kel.

We were now heads up with Hyzer22 a 45:11 leader. It was just two hands of heads up with that kind of disparity. Slick63 had to settle for second place this week as Hyzer was on the big stack and in control all the way.

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