Saturday, March 18, 2006

UB is still working out the kinks

As you all know - there was no Holdem Affair this week. Looks like UB is still working out the bugs in their new "upgrade". For those of you who didn't catch Marti's email on the topic here is what UB has to say about the situation.

Dear Marti.

We would like to let you know
that due to changes in our department and a reorganization of our functions we
will not be setting private tournaments for the next 15 days. Private
tournaments will be back on April 1st.

We apologize for the
inconvenience, and please we kindly ask you to understand this measure made only
in order to provide the best service our site can offer to all our customers.

Thank you.
Best Regards,

Tournament Member Services.

Let's hang in there with UB. They have been very good to us, so we can cut them some slack for a little while at least. Once they get the kinks out of their new software they will be back to being the best site to play poker.

In the mean time, send me your bragging about how well you are doing in other tournaments. Let's not forget that we know what we are doing.



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