Thursday, February 16, 2006

Mac Attack

I played in my first Mac Attack tonight and had a great time. This is DebiMac's invite tournament. She was such a sweetheart to invite me.

I had fun because I played totally different from what I would usually do. The tournament started at 8 pm CST and I knew that I had to pick up my daughter at 10 pm. I wasn't particularly concerned about it because I rarely last long into the second hour in these events. But this time I was getting some cards. I was in 19th place at the first hour break - normal for my style of play. When we got to the second hour I started playing very aggressively, not caring - maybe even hoping to bust out so I could go get Katie. But it didn't work that way. I started winning those hands. At one point at about 20 after, I was in the lead.

At 9:45 pm when I had to leave I think I was in 3rd place with a very good stack. Well, I had to go, so I made my apologies and took off. I got back about 40 minutes later to find myself in 12th place out of 12 and looking at QQ. Well, all-in was the play and I doubled up. I ended up making the final table and finishing 7th. Not bad for this old man.

Thanks Deb, I'm sorry I had to sit out for awhile but I had a great time.

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