Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Three Oak Trees Down

We said goodbye to three of our old oak trees today. Frank's Tree Service was out and took down three of our trees that had not survived last winter. Two were very large Red Oaks and one was a much smaller oak that we used to call a Scrub Oak. I don't know that is an official species or variety of oak but where I grew up in Minnesota that was what we called the smaller, scruffier looking oak trees.

Our backyard looks much different now but by no means does this mean we are out of trees. When we moved into this home more than 30 years ago we had about 26 trees on our 1/3 acre lot. Yes, we have a shaded lot. The aerial photo on Google Earth just shows trees and you can't really see a house. We have lost 7 or 8 trees now. Some to storms but mostly just getting old. They told us the rains of 2008 didn't just produce the epic flood but also stressed the trees in the city and we would lose some over the next few years. I suspect that has been a part of the problem as well. I'm no arborist so I really can't make a diagnosis.

We have now lost the trees closest to the house so the backyard is opening up. The Rev commented that we might actually be able to have a patio or a deck now. Sounds like I may have a project for next summer all ready. We shall see.

Autumn is coming. The nights are cooler and the days are shorter. Winter won't be too far away now. They say the Farmers Almanac is predicting a bitter cold winter but I'm hoping it will be mild. In either case I wish you all peace and remember. . .

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