Monday, February 07, 2011

Zach Wahls addresses the Iowa Senate

The religious right in my state is on a mission to impose their beliefs on the citizens of Iowa.  A couple of years ago the Iowa Supreme Court ruled that the ban against same sex marriage was an unconstitutional discrimination against a specific group of citizens in our state.  It is now legal in Iowa for two people to marry regardless of their gender.

Now this group is proposing we amend our constitution to specifically ban same sex marriage.  They wish to impose their religious beliefs upon all Iowans regardless of their beliefs.  I think it is important to note here that the court ruling had no impact on anyone's spiritual beliefs, it only addressed the secular aspect of marriage.  Churches are still free to believe what they wish, to codify or condemn as they choose.  But this group wants to make all Iowans conform to their interpretation of The Bible. 

I'm not a theologian so I am not going to argue the theology in this issue.  I will note, though, that this is an issue that is not settled in the Christian world and many who are skilled in theology are debating this issue.  I do find it interesting that this is a group that at other times has fought hard for "seperation of church and state"  when the state has attempted to impose restrictions upon the church but apparently finds it perfectly acceptable for them to impose their church beliefs on the state.

The amendment has passed in the house but is not getting anywhere in the Senate.  It is in committee right now and the public has been invited to comment.  Last week a young man who is a University of Iowa student addressed the senators.  Here is a link from youtube.

Zach did an excellent job of taking this from an intellectual exercise and putting a face on this bill.  Yes, real people are effected by this issue.  Not monsters, not freaks - just plain old people trying to live their lives as best they can.

 I am proud to report that I attend a church where all are welcomed.  Sadly that is not the case at all churches.  I pray that all can find God's love, and as always I pray for PEACE.
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