Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Egypt in revolt

I have been glued to the CNN reporting from Egypt since Monday.  The people of Egypt are revolting against Mubarek and the leadership in Egypt.  This is history in the making and the media coverage has been mesmerizing. 

This is the first time that I know of that modern communication technology has played such an important role, not just in the reporting but also the organization of the protests.  The internet, Twitter, Facebook, cell phone, texting - all of this has contributed to the story.

The reporters are saying that this is not an organized protest of one group but an uprising of the people of Egypt.  Early on, the marches were impromptu gatherings organized via the internet.  Some of the earliest reports came out from bloggers in Egypt.  Blog posts and Tweets are still some of the most fascinating reports coming out of Cairo and Alexandria.

Sadly, what was for 8 days a peaceful protest, today turned violent.  We see images of Anderson Cooper being attacked, pictures of Egyptian citizens who have been beaten and shot.  It is clear that Mubarek can not stay in office but there is no clear path out for him or his country.

I guess all this old bearded PH can do is pray, as always, for  PEACE.
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