Saturday, July 04, 2009

A summer's day drive in Iowa

Yesterday the rev and I took a drive in the country. It was a beautiful day for a ride. The temperature was mild and the sky was full of those puffy clouds that look like suspended balls of cotton.

Our destination was "Hoptown" were our daughter will be married this fall. We wanted to visit the historical site were she plans on having the service. This was my first visit and what I found was a pleasant site of an old college long since closed, in a small Iowa village. This will be a very nice setting for the "momentous day".

What I really enjoyed most was the drive getting us there. We took the back roads into the village. It was a newly repaved county road that wound through the hills of northeast Iowa. We wound through the corn fields and the bean fields. The beans still look to be very early but the corn was definitely doing well. Much higher than the old "knee high by the fourth of July" standard that the rev and I grew up with. Now if the prices could just recover a bit, it looks like the farmers, at least in that area, could have a good year.

We wish all of you a pleasant Independence Day and in the true spirit of this day . . .

We wish you peace.
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