Thursday, July 10, 2008

We are back in the Warehouse


We are back in the warehouse. The switch was thrown to put us back on the power grid on Monday and we are at least back in the delivery game. We can now deliver some furniture and we will start to receive shipments next week. Our trucks were damaged in the flood so we have replacements for now. Our trucks should be back next week as well. I can't wait for our name to get back on the streets.

This is our Finance Department. I have them set up in a room at the warehouse for now. That stack on the floor are contracts that they are trying to salvage. The whole department was underwater. The data was on the servers which were safe but the hard copies are a mess.

I'm not an IT guy but I have been recruited to maintain the "network" of stations during this recovery. I will be glad when my world gets back onto my normal job description and not that line that says. . . "Other duties as assigned."

I think that is a light that I see at the end of this tunnel.


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