Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Re-opening Soon

We will be back in business soon at the store. I called my people and they were back yesterday and today. We have been tagging product and getting the store ready to reopen. The first floor won't be pretty but at least it will be clean and safe. But once you get upstairs the store will look good. Those floors (we have 5 floors) look as if nothing happened.

But just to give you an idea of what the first floor looks like - here is what is left of my office. (BTW, customers will NOT be allowed in this part of the building.)

That's right. I lost everything - right down to the studs. And it was just last summer that the boss remodeled the place. Oh well. Life goes on. I will be claiming a desk on second floor and getting back in the game soon. We would like to be open this weekend but I'm afraid there is still too much that will need to happen before we can invite customers back into the store. Next weekend is more likely.

These are busy times in the Sunbob home but for those that can find it -

I bid you PEACE.

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