Saturday, November 17, 2007

HooterHanna is Very Fast

Forty-two sat down tonight to play in the Holdem Affair. Unfortunately I wasn’t one of them. Our annual Holiday Party was tonight so I didn’t get to the rail until we were down to seating the final table. Now you know exactly when I arrived as I watched it from the very first hand.

Here are your leaders:
HooterHanna = 12530
Winforlife = 11445
Hazy cat = 9090
Annieboom = 8200
Papoorboy = 7050
Idblondee = 4170
Houn = 3970
RipleyBP = 2725
Txmom22 = 2325
DaveTthatsMe = 1495

It must be right after the second hour break because the antes are 50 and the blinds 200/400.

Hand 9 – Papoorboy is out. He called HooterHanna when she took him all-in and lost the race.

Hand 15 =- DaveTthatsMe is done for the night.

Hand 16 and Txmom22 is short stacked out of the field. She was blinded down to nothing and forced in with the same.

Hand 20 – Houn has called it a night. Short as well and couldn’t get lucky.

We are down to six and paying five tonight. It’s bubble time. HooterHanna continues to dominate the field.

Hand 28 – annieboom is down to the felt and all-in. She is done. RipleyBP hit her hard the previous hand and she was down to just 275. Three callers and HooterHanna held the best hand.

Hand 29 – There goes Idblondee.

Hand 30 – and there goes winforlife.

Down to three and that went quickly. Hazy cat took out those last two and is now in charge.

Hand 39 – RipleyBP is done on an outrageous hand. Hanna had KQ and RipleyBP held JT. T98 on the flop and a jack on the river gave Ripley two pair but HooterHanna held the straight.

Hand 46 - Oh my, Hazy cat was dominating and had to feel good when she got Hanna to push it all-in against her pocket kings. Hanna turned over big slick. Two good hands. Just the kind of confrontation you see deciding a heads up match. This time the nod went to HooterHanna when the ace fell on the flop. It’s all over but the mop up now.

Hand 48 and we are done. HooterHanna has finished off the final table. I believe that is her first Holdem Affair victory.

That had to be the fastest final table in Holdem Affair history. Only 48 hands to go from 10 to one.

Congratulations to all but especially HooterHanna. She was hot tonight and just would not be denied.

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