Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ezekiel25 with a Vengeance

Ezekiel25_17 joined us tonight and we had a grand time. He almost made it look easy as he led from wire to wire. The chip leader at the first hour break – he was back in the lead when we seated the final table. And at the end he had all the chips. He made us all look like Philistines tonight. Marti was our second place finisher and yes dear reader – I finished third.

Well, here is my story written as we dealt the cards.

Hey, we are off and running. Forty-two players tonight, another large field. That is great. Let’s see how things go this week.

I see a couple of new faces at my table. Welcome to Dawncitygirl and Steelzmgnolia.

Five hands and my table has already moved. I haven’t even seen a flop yet. Oh well, new people to say hello to.

Thirty minutes in and Native Spirit is our early leader. I got lucky and hit a set of sixes a while back so I’m in third place. We are down to 36.

We made it to the first hour break and we are down to 30. Ezekiel25­_17 is our leader. Here is your leader board:
Ezekiel25­_17 = 4525
Pointdume = 4250
Thekindbud = 4035
Unionthug = 3530
Jakeylove = 3210
Sunbob = 2765
Smartin = 2480
Chip Leigh = 2420
Big lar8 = 2375

So vengeance is your game Zeke? Or are you just a Pulp Fiction fan? Good to have you with us.

I have to post this while I can. Down to 20 and I’m leading for now.

We are down to 16 and I’m back in the lead for now. It is bouncing around.
Blinds 150/300 now.
Unionthug is out in 15th place.
The antes just kicked in.
Steveob19 just went out in 14th. I’ve dropped back to fifth.
SokolBlosser just got sucked out on to finish in 13th place.
Rshocker went out right behind him. We are dealing hand by hand.
I just knocked out Kryptic AQ vs. 99 to go the final table. I spiked a queen on the flop.

Here is the line up for the final table:
Ezekiel25_17 = 13740
Marti = 10275
Sunbob = 9755
Thekindbud = 9005
DaleT = 8000
Bugman22j = 3255
Mellow Yellow = 3240
Pointdume = 2995
Annieboom = 1435
Smartin = 1300

Look at that Zeke – he is just rolling over these tables.

Hand 2 - Pointdume was our first casualty.
Hand 5 – Smartin fell to DaleT.

Second hour break and we have 8 left and paying 5 again tonight. When we come back the blinds will be 200/400. Three people will have less than 9 BB to play with.

Hand 11 – and Zeke just took out bugman22j.
Hand 22 – DaleT was 3rd in chips and pushed KQs on the button right into Zeke who had limped from UTG with pocket Aces. We are down to 6. Ezekiel now has a huge chip lead.

Hand 25 and there goes Mellow Yellow to Zeke.
We have our money table.

Hand 30 – ouch I just went up against Marti and took a big hit.
Hand 37 – I doubled up from the BB when I turned the straight.
Hand 38 – Thekindbud is gone.
Hand 39 – annieboom is gone.
Hand 51 – and Marti doubled up off Zeke.
Hand 65 and Marti and I have pulled Zeke back to the pack. He still has the lead but it is not so big anymore.
Hand 67 and we have a fight – nope Marti showed her AA. Marti is now in the lead.
For one hand in here I even had the lead.
Hand 75 – I pushed my AK on a QTx flop and Zeke had QT – oops. I’m out.

Hand 86 – Marti pushed KQs but Ezekiel had TT. It didn’t matter that it turned into a flush. Ezekiel25_17 is our winner.

What a great night and not just because I cashed. It was fun to see some new faces and to see them do well. Welcome to our little party Ezekiel, I hope you come back. I’m sure there are some people that would like another shot.

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