Sunday, June 10, 2007

WhoHasMyLytr was the Master

WhoHasMyLytr was the master of the final table tonight. An excellent demonstration of big stack poker. I had my chance in the heads up match but I wasn’t a match for Lytr.

I’ll be writing as I go, again so here is my running commentary. I hope people are able to enjoy this format. It seems to be the only way for now.

BTW, the new picture is of the love of my life and myself in Mykonos. We just got back from 12 days in Turkey and Greece. We had a wonderful time. I'm sure I'll be posting more pictures in the coming weeks.

- - - - - - -

Well, it’s been way too long for me but I am back in a Holdem Affair. It’s good to be back with my friends. Let’s see how it goes tonight.

Okay, we are starting 37 tonight. That’s a good number, actually dead on the average size for a Holdem Affair. But what a shark tank at my table. Oh well. Off we go.

First hour break and we are down to 23. I’m in 19th place. Typical. MagikCowboy is our chip leader. KBAhottie is close behind with WhoHasMyLytr in third.

One hour and thirty minutes and we are down to 17. I’m in 8th place now. KBAhottie is a massive chip leader – 13315. Mellow Yellow is second with 4665.

We are down to 13 now – I’m in 11th place.. Not one of my best nights but hey, at least I’m still in the action.

We are on the bubble now and I’m in 8th place.

Final table time and here are your leaders:
KBAhottie = 16865
Xgames4me = 10855
Azale = 5120
WhoHasMyLytr = 4595
Mellow Yellow = 4120
Agro = 3745
FortuituousEd = 3125
Houn = 3080
Sunbob = 2750
Jayzion = 1245

Pocket queens the very first hand and I doubled up off Azale. I’m in a very distant third place now.

We have lost Houn and Agro by the second break. Down to eight and paying five.

I just took out mellow yellow.

Xgames is all-in – and so is Azale. They are gone. WhoHasMyLytr is our leader now.

We are in the money now. WhoHasMyLytr has over half the chips and is dominating the table now. I can’t do much about it right now.

Hottie just doubled up off Lytr and it is a horse race again.

Lytr just caught a flush and busted Jayzion.

Ed is all-in against Lytr and Hottie. Lytr took the pot and we are down to three.

Wow, Lytr just hit quads and took out hottie. Can you believe it - I'm heads up.

I was heads up against WhoHasMyLytr and it was a great match. I was dominated to start with but managed to take the lead. Then I lost it back to Lytr. The final hand I was all-in with pocket sevens only to see Lytr show pocket tens. The ten on the turn was the end for me.

Great game Lytr. That was fun. And saying that I play like Jennifear is a great compliment.

I hope to see you all next week.

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