Saturday, June 16, 2007

Big Lar8 for the first time

Big Lar8, that perennial final table combatant, finally broke through and posted his first Holdem Affair victory. It took some masterful play to do it. Jennifear had been dominating the final table with a massive chip lead but Big Lar8 took her on and succeeded not only in stopping her aggressive play but actually knocked her out. He made quick work of the last two after that. It was fun to watch as he plotted his strategy and executed the denouement.

As is my present style, here is my story, written during the heat of battle. Oh, and the picture is the Library in Ephesus.

- - - - - - - - - - -

It’s another Saturday night and it is time for the Holdem Affair. I wonder what excitement awaits us for the evening. Is one of the old timers going to shine tonight or is it the night for a new comer to rise to the top? I finished second last week. I’ll do well just to make the final table in this event. There are some very gifted players each week at these tables. I’ll not even try to name them because I am sure to leave someone out. And anyway, the list would be too long. The clock is ticking – 33 players entered with 5 minutes to go. The password entry system is great. It saves a lot of scrambling from Marti and the crew at UB. I’m glad they were finally able to get it up and running.

Okay, we have thirty-five tonight. About average for this field. So we will be paying five again. I’ve got Tai pan, Hooter Hanna, Burldog, Lytr and mdg at my table. This is going to be tough.

I just doubled up off WhoHasMyLytr when we both caught the ace but I had a queen kicker. That puts me in second place – 15 minutes into the event. Not what I would consider very significant but hey, it’s a start.

Thirty minutes in and HurQueRock is our chip leader. I’m in fifth place.

My table just got moved. HurQueRock is on my left and Papoorboy across from me.

Well, we come now to the first hour break. We are down to twenty-three with HurQueRock still our chip leader. Jennifear had held that honor for awhile this first hour but has fallen to second place. Here is your leader board:
HurQueRock = 6055
Jennifear = 5925
Tai pan = 4195
WhoHasMyLytr = 3510
Pro Loser = 3005
Sunbob = 2975
Burldog44 = 2680
Annieboom = 2285
Big lar8 = 2230
Papoorboy = 2215

Down to 19 pretty quickly. 1 hour 15 minutes into the night. Jennifear just got transferred to my table. We are full again and this is going to be hot. Oh my, Jenn has a stack.

Can you say “Card dead”? – I’m getting blinded down with nothing even speculative to play. This is getting to be painful.

I am now 13th out of 13. All or nothing time with the blinds 100/200 and only 2025 in chips. 7 3 off on the button – yech.

Q4s. . . 62s,. . . Q4o. . . JJ – yes. In the big blind. All-in. Well, Jennifear pushed her KQo and flopped a queen. I’m done in 13th place. I could have predicted that.

We are down to 11 – dealing hand by hand.

Here we go – final table time. Agro was our bubble victim.

Here you go:
Jennifear = 10715
Thunder3 = 9680
Big lar8 = 6660
HurQueRock = 5165
Annieboom = 4695
Pro Loser = 4380
Tai pan = 4100
Mdg2003 = 3100
Hazy Cat = 2050
RiverRats1 = 1955

RiverRats1 was the first to go. Jennifear nailed him with two pair. Of course she had pocket aces so I guess that can be expected.

Hand 8 - HurQueRock just bit the dust.

Hand 18 and Jennifear took out Tai pan when her AKo flopped two more kings. Jennifear owns this table right now with twice as many chips as Big Lar8 in second place.

Hand 24 and Hazy Cat pushes his last into the middle. Pro Loser takes him down with the call. We are down to six and paying five. Just in time for the break. When we come back the blinds will be 200/400.

This is getting good. No one wants to die. Jennifear is pushing but someone is pushing back often enough to keep things stable. Looks like it will take the blind escalation to force the action.

Blinds are 300/600 now.

Hand 65 – Big Lar8 just caught Jennifear with his pocket aces and has taken the lead.

Hand – 68 – Wow, annieboom just pushed back from the big blind and got caught. We are down to five and in the money.

Thunder3 is our leader now. Jenn has fallen to third place and hasn’t the power anymore.

Hand 75 and Jennifear is gone. She pushed hard on an ace/king flop with her Ks 7c. But big lar8 held an ace and took her down.

Mdg2003 is down to his last , all in with Q5o and it wasn’t good enough to beat Pro Loser.

Hand 97 – Pro Loser just hit a set of sixes and we have a three horse race.

Hand 100 – not anymore – Pro Loser pushed his second pair and lar8 had top pair.

Hand 109 – Pro Loser just ran into the pocket aces of big lar8 and we are heads up. Larry has double of thunder.

Hand 111 and we are done. Big Lar8 has taken on all challengers and prevailed for his first Holdem Affair victory. Excellent final table. Big Lar8 took on Jennifear when she was the chip leader and succeeded in turning the tide. That was the winning formula tonight.

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