Sunday, November 27, 2005

Last to First - Marti Wins

Fifty-three players tonight and Marti showed us how it was done.  She was amazing at the final table.  She started out in 10th place with only 1180 chips when the final table was seated.  She was down to 485 chips on the second hand but won that and doubled up.  Then she doubled up again, and again and again.  Before anyone knew it she was the chip leader.  It finally came down to Marti and TravDaddy in the heads up match.  The tide shifted back and forth but it was Marti’s night to shine.

BunaBoy1234 was in charge the first hour.  I’m afraid that I was one that helped him get there.  We were both cruising along that first hour and doing well.  Then, about 45 minutes into the Affair, I got AKs in the big blind.  I raised and BunaBoy called.  When the flop came AK2 I thought I had him.  All-in on the flop and BunaBoy made the call.  I had flopped top two pair and was happy with the call but BunaBoy held pocket deuces and I was out in 43rd place.  BunaBoy doubled up on that hand and that was good enough to give him the chip lead at the first hour break.  We were down to 40 when the first break came around.
  1. BunaBoy1234 = 4585

  2. SusieQue = 4540

  3. froth = 4460

  4. nicnac16 = 4280

  5. Papoorboy = 3890

  6. MagikCowboy = 3550

  7. Mongoose = 3450

  8. Angel 1221 = 3100

  9. von ebb = 2810

  10. Iw3077  = 2630

The second hour is always the shake out hour in the HA.  With 40 still in the running going into the second hour we didn’t seat the final table before the second break.  But we had a reshuffling of the leaders.  Here are your second hour survivors.
  1. Dime04 = 18680

  2. FatalisMacina = 10555

  3. Papoorboy = 8925

  4. nicnac16 = 7310

  5. SusieQue = 6905

  6. ThreesRWild = 6610

  7. Travdaddy11 = 5025

  8. Iw3077 = 4070

  9. winforlife = 3345

  10. Angel 1221 = 2970

It was nearly 20 minutes into the third hour before the final table was seated.  And look closely at this list.
  1. FatalisMacina = 23625

  2. Dime04 = 15805

  3. Papoorboy = 7975

  4. Angel 1221 = 7870

  5. SusieQue = 6605

  6. Travdaddy11 = 6190

  7. Moxiegurll = 4800

  8. ThreesRWild = 3310

  9. winforlife = 2160

  10. marti = 1160

Do you see where Marti is?  Remember now that going into the final table the antes are now 75 and the blinds 300/600.  She doesn’t have enough chips to last the first orbit.  She has to make a move quickly and hand two was the beginning of her charge.  All-in for her last 410 holding Ah Ts and FatalisMacina calls with Qd Th.  The board ends up 5s Jc 2d 6d Jh and Marti has doubled up to 2280.

Hand 5 and Marti steals a 2250 pot pre-flop showing JJ.

Yes, there are others playing this table and hand 11 found Dime04 and Angel 1221 see the flop come Ks 5d 4d.  Angel led out for 4050 and Dime made the call.  The turn was 8h and looked like it was no help for either.  Angel pushed in with her last 1145 holding Qh Td and Dime called showing Ad 9d.  He must have been hoping for the flush to fill but the 3s on the river was all he needed as his Ace held up and Angel 1221 was the first casualty of the final table.

The very next hand saw the flop come 2d 2h Jc.  SusieQue came over the top of Papoorboy holding Jd Th – top pair/good kicker.  But Papoorboy wasn’t concerned about the jacks – he held Kc Kh and when the turn brought another deuce SusieQue was gone in 9th place.

The next hand found winforlife in the big blind holding only 360 chips.  He was all-in posting the blind holding 8d 5c.  Marti called holding Kh Jh and Travdaddy called with his pocket sixes.  The board ended up 8h Qh As Js Kc and Marti raked another pot.  Winforlife was gone in 8th place but finished in the money this week.

Hand 19 and Marti is in the big blind with pocket aces.  Moxiegurll has her covered and raised 1600 preflop.  All fold to Marti who re-raised to 2400.  Moxiegurll was holding pocket nines and pushed the rest of her stack into the middle.  Marti made the call and the aces held up.  Marti had doubled up again.

Moxiegurll went out on hand 30 after Marti mortally wounded her the hand before.  Moxie was all-in posting the small blind holding Qs 7s.  Papoorboy held pocket Kings and that was it for Moxiegurll this week.

ThreesRWild was the next to fall.  The antes were up to 125 and the blinds 600/1200.  TRW was down to 3185 and posted the small blind holding big slick.  All-in before the flop but both FatalisMacina and Papoorboy came along for the ride.  FatalisMacina matched up a queen on the turn and that was the winning hand.  ThreesRWild was gone and we were down to five.

Hand 47 was a big one.  Travdaddy was the short stack with only 12465 and Papoorboy just had him covered with 13955.  Four saw the flop come 7s 5h Ac.  They both got it all-in on the flop and Travdaddy showed Ad Tc.  But Papoorboy held As Kc.  The turn card decided the action when the Td made an appearance.  Travdaddy doubled up and Papoorboy was mortally wounded.

The very next hand Papoorboy went all-in holding Jh 7h and Dime called holding Kc 8d.  It looked bad for Papoorboy but the flop paired up his seven and it held.  

The next hand a Papoorboy is all-in again, this time with Td 8c.  You can’t fault the play – he had to double up to survive but this time Marti made the call and had a real hand.  Pocket Jacks and Papoorboy was gone in 5th place.

We are now at four and Travdaddy has the chip lead with FatalisMacina, Marti and Dime following in that order.  Marti took the chip lead on the very next hand when she paired up a ten and took a 15300 pot from FatalisMacina.

Hand 52 and Dime goes over the top all-in against Travdaddy before the flop.  Dime held Ks Jc but Travdaddy showed As Kh.  The king on the flop was all that hit them and Dime was sent to the lounge in 4th place.  Travdaddy was now back in a comfortable lead.

They passed the blinds around for the next 11 hands and then hand 64 was dealt.  With the antes now 150 and the blinds 800/1600, FatalisMacina raised to 3200.  Travdaddy smooth called.  The flop came Js 8s 7d, FatalisMacina bet 1600 and Travdaddy re-raised to 11650 taking FatalisMacina all-in with his call.  FatalisMacina held As 9h for the gut shot straight and a back door flush draw.  Travdaddy held 8h Th for the gut shot but also a pair of eights.  The 3h 2d on the turn and river were no help to either and the pair of eights held up.  FatalisMacina was out and we were heads up with Travdaddy holding a 2.5:1 chips lead.

Marti took a big hit on hand 66 and it looked like Travdaddy was going to finish her off.  Travdaddy won the next two hands as well but then Marti stole a couple back.  Hand 71 was big.  Travdaddy raised preflop and Marti called. The flop came Qc Kc 2h and Marti bet just 1600.  Travdaddy raised to 900 and Marti called.  A second deuce came on the turn, Marti checked and Travdaddy bet 6535, exactly how many chips Marti had left.  Marti called.  Wow, what is going on here?  Gutsy call Marti – she showed the As Qh for middle pair to a very scary board.  And she made the right call.  Travdaddy turned over 3d 4d to reveal his stone cold bluff.  That pot was 41570 and now Marti had the chip lead.

Travdaddy took the lead back on hand 75.  But the very next hand Marti caught two pair on the flop and she was back in the lead.  They sparred for another 15 hands with Marti still in command.  

Then hand 90.  They saw the flop come Th 6d 7h and checked to see the turn 4h.  Check again and the river was a 3h.  Marti bet 500 and Travdaddy came over the top for 14330.  I have to agree with Marti’s call.  It looked like a very good time to steal the pot and Marti had hit the straight.  But Travdaddy held the Ah and did have the flush and the 41860 chip pot.  And now the chip lead again.

Hand 96 Marti wins 12400 to close the gap.  The nest hand gives her the very small advantage.  They spared until hand 108.  They saw the cheap flop come Qd Ad Tc.  Trav checks and Marti bets 2000, Travdaddy comes back for 10400 and Marti calls.  The turn was the 7d putting three diamonds on the board.  Travdaddy went all-in for 20260. . . . .and Marti made the call.
Travdaddy showed Td Jc – third pair, flush draw and straight draw.
Marti showed Ah 9d – top pair and straight draw.
The 9s on the river decided the tournament giving Marti two pair and the win.

It was great to see our hostess get the win.  Especially fun was watching her climb the ladder at the final table.  Way to go Marti.

Another great week.  See you all on Saturday.

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