Monday, November 21, 2005

Jennifear made us all proud

Jennifear made us all proud in the $150,000 Guaranteed MTT tonight on UB.  She finished 17th out of 726.  That was well into the money.  Jenn was cruising along with quite the gallery.  I lost count of how many HA friends cheered her on from the rail.  Krazy Kanuck and SusieQue even stopped by to voice their support.  Her final hand was a heartbreaker.  Jenn held pocket Aces on a ten high flop with two diamonds.  Jenn held the Ad.  She managed to get all her chips in and get called by K T.  Looking good darlin, but a king of diamonds on the turn left her with just the hope of  the flush or another ace.  That was eleven outs but not good enough.

Way to go Jennifear.  I hope you will write up your side of the story when you recover.
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