Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Powerball Fun

Did your office form a pool for the Powerball drawing? We did at the store. I don't know if we have ever done anything like this before but on Monday one of the ladies started the pool and we all joined in. $5 was the buy in and by the time she left this afternoon to buy the tickets, almost everyone had joined in the fun. She ended up buying 73 tickets.

Of course the real fun in something like this is the anticipation. For two days there was talk and dreaming of what we would do if we won. Of course it would have been a tragedy for the store because we would all be in on it. Who would stick around? That was the fun dream. The question was, would you come to work the next day? Most actually said yes, though they didn't know how long they would stay. Others said they would come in to say good-bye. What would you buy? New cars and a new boat were the hottest items.

Well, now the numbers have been drawn and the dreaming has ended. Out of 73 tickets, not a one had the powerball right. None of them even won $4 by picking three numbers. Only a few even had two numbers right. Of course that is how these things go - but that is the fun. No one really thought we would win anything. It was just a bit of excitement and cheap diversion from the wintry cold.

Winter has arrived in Iowa and we are headed now to Christmas. May the spirit of the holiday season bring you. . .

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