Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday Night on the Hill

It was a meat and potatoes night at Walnut Hills Wednesday night.  I love cooking for the church family and last night I went with comfort food.  Meatloaf and Tater Tots.  It was a hit.

Here is the recipe that I used - "Meatloaf for 50".  It was very easy and tasted great.  Then I threw in 2 packages (5 lbs. each) of tater tots as my side dish.  The oven did most of the work and I got the credit.  I love those deals.  I'm getting this reputation as this great cook.  If they only knew.

But really, this is what fellowship is all about as far as I am concerned.  Sitting down and sharing a meal - there is little better.

As it seems the world gets crazier and crazier, it is good to share a good meal with friends.

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