Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We Did Get Some Snow

Well, we did get some snow.  It came down slowly and with very little wind so it didn't feel like much of a storm.  I ended up going out 4 times yesterday and now have been out twice today.  I went out early this morning so the Rev could get to the church and then just now for what I hope is the final pass.

I really don't mind this type of snow storm.  It came with plenty of warning and just slowly and calmly dropped snow on our lives.  It was a little bit deceptive in that it never looked like much when you looked out the window.  Just a light snow falling, very pretty in fact.  But it parked over us for about 30 hours, so it ended up dropping a significant amount.

This the type of snow that makes living in the north enjoyable.  No one really needed to be injured by this storm.  It just came in and made everything white.  Our neighborhood will look clean and bright for a few days now, that should be nice.

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