Saturday, September 11, 2010

Block by Block awarded $1.35 million grant

OMG - I just found this announcement.  Remember Block-by-Block?  This is the program in Cedar Rapids that is helping rebuild the flooded communities "block by block".  Well, they have received a $1.35 million grant from the state of Iowa to support their efforts.  Here is the story on the Iowa UMC Conference site.

If case you have not followed this site - this program is very dear to me.  I have written before of their efforts.  It also holds a special place in the heart of The Rev as she helped in getting it started.  Courtney, Clint and all of the staff and hundreds of volunteers have done marvelous work in rebuilding after the flood.  I see on their website that they are up to 21 blocks now.  Here is a link to a Google map of the blocks.

Two years ago this was just a dream.  But this shows what can happen when people work together.  Two groups came together to form this effort.  Matthew 25 was a small neighborhood outreach mission of the United Methodist Church.  They were directly effected by the flood and had to rebuild their location.  Four Oaks is a large, well known family services agency.  The two heads checked their egos at the door, sat down and hammered out a program - and it works.

If you want to know more about Block-by-Block here is a link to their website.  Check out the list of donors and funding sources - this is truly a combined public and private effort that deserves everyones support.

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