Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome America - to the 21st Century

I have the day off today and I spent the morning watching the inauguration of President Barack Obama. I will leave the analysis and punditry to the professionals but I wanted to share one reaction.

Folks, we just watched a revolution in America. I was struck with the image of the peaceful dethroning of the leader of the free world. And the new leadership will be markedly different. This was a repudiation of a failed administration. The United States has thrown out its ruling party without firing a shot. No bullets, no coups, no civil war just a very public campaign and a very public decision by the citizens to take this country in a new direction.

The ceremony of the inauguration was beautiful and stirring. But the image that struck me as most telling of the true spirit of our country, was the scene after the inauguration. The incoming President Obama walked with the outgoing President Bush through the building to the heliport on the east side of the building. The two shook hands, kissed each other’s spouses and the ousted leader of the greatest nation on the planet boarded a helicopter and flew off. His administration had been overthrown and his rival had taken control without anyone dying, no shots fired, no poisoned wine. As I think through history, this is a very unique and special tradition in America that just does not occur still today, in many parts of the world.

Time will reveal how well we have chosen our new direction but we are clearly on the threshold of a new epoch in our history. I pray that God will guide all of us, not just our leaders, through what appears to be some very difficult days ahead.

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