Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Birthday Bash Prizes

Marti has sent out an email with the prizes from the Birthday Bash but just for the record here is how everything got distributed.

From Marti:
Here is a complete list of who won prizes and what everyone won. If you are one of the people whose name is underlined, please let me know your mailing address, your jacket size if you won a jacket, and the name (or names) you would like on the back of your bracelets. I was going to put your User name, but if you would prefer your real name, I guess that's OK.

Brewton - the first out prize of a bottle of wine ( I need to know which kind you prefer.
Thunder3 - 3rd out prize of $5.00
LaeshaLady - Guar64 birthday prize
Maronie47 - the 13th out prize of $20.00
DaleT - 19th out prize of $5.00
Airmj91 - 23rd out prize of $5.00
SusieQue - 38th out prize of $5.00
goodtime chas - 42nd out prize of $5.00
marti - 45th out prize of $5.00
Holland13 - 47th out prize of $5.00 AND a jacket
sissy123 - 64th out prize of $5.00
coachstove - 69th out prize of $5.00
Bunaboy_1 - 71st out prize of $5.00 (I need your 1st name)
DebiMac - bubble prize of $10.00
Uncle Milty - a UB jacket (for putting up with me)

The final table winners were as follows:
slotcrazy45 - $36.63 plus $20 TD's
Jennifear - $51.28 plus $20 TD's
houn - $65.93 plus $20 TD's
papoorboy - $80.58 plus $20 TD's
Birdsindirt - $95.23 plus $20 TD's
SuperrSam - $117.20, $20 TD's, and a bracelet
sorry4urloss - $146.50, $20 TD's, and a bracelet
jillymae - $197.78, $20 TD's, and a bracelet
Angel_1221 - $256.38, $20 TD's, and a bracelet
the tiburon - $417.53, $20 TD's, a jacket, and a bracelet

Congratulations to everyone.
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