Sunday, October 01, 2006

Papoorboy at the Dance

Well, this isn’t the Sunday night “big game” where our friend has shone before, but this is where Papoorboy (aka Kate Starbird) likes to hang out on Saturday night.  He is always a force to contend with.  Some nights I think he has a tougher time than some of us mere mortals.  He certainly isn’t able to sneak up on anyone in the Holdem Affair.  He is one of the select players that everyone makes note of as they take theirs seats on Saturday night.  Tonight he was on his game.  Eleventh place at the first hour break, seventh place when we seated the final table - Papoorboy wasn’t flashy.  He was just playing solid, tournament poker.  That is when he is at his scariest, if you ask me, and tonight he showed us why.  Because when the dust cleared from the dance that we watched at the final table, it was Papoorboy going home with the prize.

Winforlife, with some help from a double up off me in the very first orbit, took second place.  VegasSno, Maronie47 and Dissident11 rounded out the money table.

Only 28 of the original 39 were still alive when we took the first hour break.  Here is your leaderboard:
  1. winforlife = 6090

  2. VegasSno = 5225

  3. Jennifear = 5150

  4. MdnghtSn49 = 4415

  5. Takechances = 4335

  6. Maronie47 = 3230

  7. Hazy Cat = 2700

  8. VictorDave = 2280

  9. Dissident11 = 2270

  10. Bigmiko = 2000

It only took 40 minutes to pare this group down to the final table.  Sounds to me like the action is getting vicious in the Holdem Affair.  Takechances rode his aggressive style to the lead when we sat down at the final table.
  1. Takechances = 9880

  2. Dissident11 = 9185

  3. winforlife = 8460

  4. Maronie47 = 7810

  5. Jennifear = 5960

  6. MdnghtSn49 = 5010

  7. Papoorboy = 4170

  8. VegasSno = 3645

  9. CowboyWillie = 2500

  10. VictorDave = 1880

We broke quickly at this table.  Hand 10 saw some wild action when three people found themselves all-in before the flop.  MdnghtSn49 shows Kd Qs.  winforlife shows Tc Ts.  VictorDave shows Js Jd.  Wow, what a situation.  The flop came As Ks 2c and MdnightSn49 looked to be brilliant.  But the turn was the Th giving winforlife the set.  That was the deciding card and we were suddenly down to 8.  Officially MdnghtSn49 finished in 10th place and VictorDave in 9th.

Hand 18 and we had another wild hand.  This time it was Jennifear and Papoorboy providing the action in a battle of the blinds.  All folded to Jen in the small blind who just completed to see the cheap flop with Papoorboy.  The flop came 4c 5c 7s.  Jen bet out 300 a minimum bet and apparently Papoorboy saw that as weakness because he pushed all 6110 into the middle.  Jennifear didn’t believe him and made the call holding 3d 7c.  They both had virtually equal stacks so this one was going to be fatal to someone.  Jen had top pair and the gut shot draw.  Pa turned over 2s 3h for the open ended straight draw.  The Kc came on the turn and the river decided the hand with the Ad.  Papoorboy hit his straight and Jennifear was gone in 8th place.

That hand put Papoorboy into the chip lead but you couldn’t say it decided the match.  Winforlife was only 700 chips behind Pa and this was still a race.  In fact CowboyWillie doubled up through Papoorboy the very next hand and put winforlife back into the lead.

A couple hands later and Dissident is up there with the leaders.  The Papoorboy took a good pot from Dissident and he regained the chip lead.  This dance went on for much of the final table.  Along the way some casualties occurred.  CowboyWillie ran into Papoorboy on hand 30.  Willie had Ac Jd but Papoorboy was one better with Ah Qs.  A low board missed them both and Willie was sent off in 7th place.

Maronie joined the dance as did VegasSno.  By hand 36 the six remaining were making it quite a match.  Then Papoorboy opened for 1525 and Takechances woke up with big slick Ac Ks in the big blind.  Oh man, what a problem.  The chip leader has opened claiming a good hand.  But he is noted for his steals.  TC was in the big blind with that hand that reminds you of that girl in high school.  So much beauty and so little substance.  All-in was the play and the race was on.  Papoorboy turned over pocket sevens.  Te flop came Ts Th Jh and the sevens were holding on.  But Takechances still had those over cards.  All he needed was an ace or a king to fall.  The turn was the 9h.  Ok, TC, last card to hit your ace or king.  And there it was – the king of hearts on the river.  Takechances had hit his top pair.  But wait, what is this?  That pot is going to Papoorboy.  That can’t be right.  Oh man, that king of hearts gave Papoorboy the flush.  Tough way to go out TC.  And on the bubble also. Takechances was gone in 6th place and our money table was set.

Papoorboy was in a commanding chip lead now.  22595 and winforlife was second with 10655.  Hand 47 and Dissident11 found himself locked up with VegasSno.  Diss had Ac Js and VegasSno held pocket sevens, all-in before the flop.  The flop hit Dissident with a jack but the turn brought a seven of hearts for VegasSno.  That didn’t put out Dissident but basically mortally wounded him.  Down to 1870 with the blinds 300/600, he was all-in the very next hand.  Maronie had opened the hand and Papoorboy had called them both to see the flop come three diamonds, jack, three and eight.  Maronie pushed the rest of her stack into the middle on the flop and didn’t succeed in running off Papoorboy.  We saw the hands now:
Dissident11 shows 8c Kc. – second pair.
Papoorboy shows Js 9s. – top pair
MARONIE47 shows Kh Qd. – flush draw.  What will the turn and river bring?  The answer was the 5s and the 4c.  The top pair held up.  Papoorboy had knocked out two more.  Maronie finished 4th and Dissident 5th.

Papoorboy now had 31490 chips, VegasSno 18580 and Winforlife 8430.  Like the extended dénouement of a B movie, you got the feeling you knew how this one was going to end but it was going to take awhile to get there.  But not so quick, oh jaded one.  Winforlife doubled up on hand 57 when his pocket kings crushed Papoorboy and it looked like we may have a match after all.  On the very next hand VegasSno took a chunk out of Papoorboy and we had a dead heat again.

Then Papoorboy won the next six hands and took back command of the table.  They battled to hand 82.  Ten long minutes of dancing with Papoorboy slowly pulling away.  Then Papoorboy raised to 2735 from the small blind and VegasSno tried to re-steal with a bet of 8505.  Papoorboy pushed back taking VegasSno all-in.  Vegas 9c 8h and Papoorboy Ac 5d.  Vegas had not made that bad of a play.  I think he is only about 60/40 there and when the flop came 6d Jc 8d he looked to be a genius.  But as poker can be so cruel.  The Ad on the turn was the deciding card and VegasSno was done for in 3rd place.

Winforlife last only two hands in the heads up.  A quick ending to what had become a brilliantly played final table.

Great game all of you.

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