Saturday, April 22, 2006

Greatape Dominated

Greatape totally dominated the final table in this week’s Holdem Affair.  He went into the final table in 4th place but ended up personally busting about half of the table to take his first Holdem Affair title.

Twenty-eight players sat down this week in an early Holdem Affair.  We were down to 19 by the first hour break.  Some of the past winners who were gone included Maronie47, Papoorboy and myself.  It was a tough first hour.  Papoorboy had one of the toughest breaks when his pocket kings ran into pocket Aces.  Don’t you just hate that?  He fought back from the short stack but it just wasn’t going to be pa’s night.  I made a foolish call with a flush and straight draw that didn’t hit and I was gone in 21st.  My own fault.  Here are your first hour leaders.
  1. Deadmanshand = 4935

  2. gjones = 4740

  3. Greatape = 4455

  4. Tai Pan = 4310

  5. Jennifear = 3070

  6. Glenso = 2905

  7. Hazy Cat = 2907

  8. Emily Mancini (aka – d o double d) = 2515

  9. ArkDiamond = 2055

  10. Idblondee = 1945

The next nine were gone in just 25 minutes.  As always the second hour is really when the tournament heats up.  As is her usual pattern, Jennifear exerted her influence on her table and took over the chip lead by the time we got down to 10.  Gjones held his position and the cat and the ape improved their positions.  Going into your final table the stacks looked like this.
  1. Jennifear = 6805

  2. gjones = 6065

  3. Hazy Cat = 6030

  4. Greatape = 5575

  5. Glenso = 4230

  6. Tai Pan = 3670

  7. deadmanshand = 3610

  8. ArkDiamond = 2950

  9. Idblondee = 1830

  10. DebiMac = 1235

Folks, at this point I’m going to have to apologize.  My hand grabber program crapped out on me this week and didn’t save any of the hand histories.  So, I’m not able to give you the blow by blow that I usually record.  But the main story line for the final table was Greatape.  He just kept climbing the ladder as the play progressed.  By the time we were down to 6 or 7 he had a commanding chip lead and once he accumulated that stack he used that power very effectively.  He basically neutralized Jennifear.  That is not an easy accomplishment at any final table.  Anyone else that tried to push him off his throne got shot down as well.  The end result was that we were down to the 3 player money table within about 50 hands.  Greatape,  Tai Pan and ArkDiamond cashed this week.  The big ape took out ArkDiamond, that short and pretty little lass, to put the South Pacific Islander in a tough position.  Tai fought hard and even doubled up once against King Kong but it wasn’t going to be enough.  Greatape climbed to the top of his stack and swatted down every attempt by Tai Pan to shackle him.

Your final standings were:
  1. Great Ape

  2. Tai Pan

  3. ArkDiamond

  4. gjones

  5. Jennifear

  6. Hazy Cat

  7. deadmanshand

  8. Idblondee

  9. Glenso

  10. DebiMac

I couldn’t repeat my performance from last Thursday’s Mac Attack but I had a great(ape) time anyway.  I hope you all did too.

See you next week.

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