Saturday, December 24, 2005

Slotcrazy45 Survived

Slotcrazy45 survived an excellent final table to post her first Holdem Affair win.  Aktim and Jennifear were the competition tonight and the action was strong.  Jennifear was the chip leader when we got to the final three and the money with Aktim a decided short stack.  Aktim showed some marvelous moves to climb into second and eventually send Jennifear to the observer’s lounge.  The heads up was marred briefly when Aktim lost his connection but in true Holdem Affair style Slotcrazy45 stalled until he was able to reconnect. Then she proceeded to put him away.

Only 25 players sat down this week.  I’m sure the holidays and the change in day made a difference this week in the numbers.  But it was a great tournament none the less.  I was limping along in the first hour getting absolutely nowhere.  About 45 minutes into the event my daughter called and needed me to come get her at work. She had locked herself out of her car.  Oh well, family comes before even the Holdem Affair so off I went. I figured  my night was done when I left.  Because of this I totally missed the first hour break. Sorry, but no leader board for the first hour.  When I got back I was pleased to see that I still had about 1000 chips and wasn’t in too bad of shape.  When I looked back over the hand history I saw that I hadn’t missed any decent hand to play so I felt better.  I figure I would have been in the same position if I was sitting in and probably would have been very frustrated with the lousy cards I was getting.  But then I got some cards and was able to make it to the final table.  With the smaller field the final table was seated  one hour 35 minutes into the Holdem Affair.  Here are your leaders.
  1. slotcrazy45 =  9740

  2. J Dub 1234 = 7025

  3. Mellow Yellow = 4860

  4. DebiMac = 3420

  5. Sunbob = 2855

  6. aktim = 2720

  7. Jennifear = 2670

  8. winforlife = 2310

  9. denniem = 1900

Laeshalady was actually tenth but busted out before the final table was seated.  That happened on the other table so I don’t know what happened but I heard that 3 people were eliminated in one wild hand.

Jennifear didn’t take long to make her presence known at this table.  The second hand she re-raised J dub all-in holding Ad Td.  J dub called with his pocket sevens.   The Ac on the flop was all she needed and J Dub was wounded.

I note this hand because I think it had a bearing on the fourth hand played. J Dub went all-in from middle position holding Kd Qs and DebiMac made the call holding Js Jc.  Deb was covered so was all-in.  The flop was bad for Deb when the Qh came on the board and then no jack showed up to bail her out.  DebiMac was our first victim of the final table.

It was only hand 8 and winforlife  re-raised aktim all-in before the flop holding pocket tens.  Oops, aktim was glad to look him up with his pocket Queens.  Winforlife had to settle for 8th place this week.

Hand 19 and I am languishing in last place when I see a cheap flop in the big blind come Qs 7d 5d.  Hmmm, I’ve got Tc 7c and hit second pair.  Let’s see if anybody else caught part of that flop.  I led out for 750 and slotcrazy45 immediately called.  Oops.  But the beautiful Ts came on the turn to give me two pair.  How about that, a big blind special.  I went all-in and slotcrazy called holding Kc Qh – top pair looks good on that board.  The Js was no help for either of us and I doubled up. Now I was back in the game.

We danced for the next 15 hands and then on hand 35, J Dub woke up and pushed all-in for 3085 holding 8d 7d.  His steal was looking good until aktim called in the big blind.  He showed pocket fours to make the gutsy call.  The fours held up and J Dub 1234 finished his first Holdem Affair in 7th place.  Good showing J Dub, we all hope you will be back for more.  You will be a force to contend with.

Hand 46 and Slotcrazy is in deep trouble with only 735 chips.  The antes were 25 and the blinds 150/300.  I was in the small blind and slot was in the big blind when I min-raised to 600 trying to steal.  Slotcrazy pushed all 710 into the middle and I had to call the extra 110.  I only had Qc 2h (yes, it was a steal attempt) and slotcrazy showed Ad Qh.  Oops, wrong time to steal.  Slotcrazy doubled up through me and was on her way.

Hand 48 Slotcrazy decides to mix it up with the chip leader.  Jennifear raised to 1200 and slot pushed for her last 1370.  Jenny had Ad Jd but slotcrazy held Ac Kh.  No help from the table and the king kicker held up. Slotcrazy had doubled up again.

Hand 53 and I’m in second place holding pocket nines.  I raised to 1500 and aktim pushed for 4880. I made the loose call and aktim showed his pocket kings.  I went from second place to last place in one hand.

Hand 55 and Mellow Yellow likes his pocket queens. Who wouldn’t?  All-in for 3145 pre-flop and Jennifear makes the call holding Ad Qh. Oh oh, Jenny, what have you done?  The Ac on the flop hit her three outer and Mellow Yellow was gone in 6th place.

Hand 58, I min-raised to 600 from EP and got two callers.  Bummer, didn’t want that.  The flop came 7s Qh 3c and we all checked.  The Ad was the turn card, slotcrazy bet 1925, denniem called and I dove for cover.  The river was the Js.  Slot pushed taking denniem all-in with her call.  Denniem showed Ah Th and had hit top pair with a very strong kicker.  But slotcrazy held pocket threes and had flopped her set.  It was all over for denniem – 5th place.  Excellent showing for this Holdem Affair newcomer.  Please come back – we loved playing with you.

Okay, I have to set the stage for this next hand (#61).  I am in the big blind with my last 1395 chips after posting the 400 blind.  Jennifear is to my right and the commanding chip leader (18605).  Folds to Jenny who raises 1400.  Of course I call even though I am only holding 8c 3c. Maybe they are not dominated.  Jennifear showed 6c 4c.  The final board showed  Ts 5c 4d Ah 2s and to be honest I had to look at the hand history to figure out how I had won with the wheel straight on the river.  What a weird hand.  That doubled me up but I was still in deep trouble.

Hand 70 and I have only 2190 before I post the small blind of 200. All fold to me and I pushed holding Ts 8s.  I’m hoping that slotcrazy will fold but if not, maybe I can get lucky, again.  But slotcrazy has 15000 chips and rightly makes the call with her Ac Tc.  No help for me on the board and slotcrazy even makes her flush so I was gone in 4th place.  That hand also gave slotcrazy the chip lead.  Glad I could be of help to you slotcrazy – LOL.

For the next 30 hands slotcrazy and Jennifear dominated the action with the two big stacks. Aktim carefully picked his spots and stayed with them with a much smaller chip stack.  Slotcrazy had been getting the best of the action with Jennifear but on hand 99 it was actually Aktim that landed the final blow  to Jennifear.  They were both about equal in stacks with aktim having only 150 more chips.  Jennifear pushed pre-flop holding Ac 6d and aktim called with Ks 9h.  Jenny was a slight favorite but the Kd on the flop and the 9c on the turn sent Jennifear out in 3rd place.

We were now heads up and slotcrazy held a 2:1 chip lead.  But that lasted only a few hands when on hand 104 Aktim caught a full house and won a 22390 pot.

Hand 111 and Aktim takes another big pot.  Now he is better than 4:1 in the lead.  By hand 128, the antes are 75 and the blinds 30/600.  Aktim has 28015 chips and slotcrazy 9485.  Both see the cheap flop come 7c 2c 6h.  aktim bet 1350 and slot re-raised to 2700.  Aktim pushed it all and slot called.  Aktim showed 6d 9s and second pair but slotcrazy held Js 7d and top pair.  Slotcrazy caught a jack on the turn and a huge pot of  18970. The stacks were now even.

Unfortunately on 131 Aktim lost his connection.  Slotcrazy stalled and waited showing some great sportsmanship. Aktim came back for hand 146 and immediately pushed all-in.  By now he was down to 12230 and a 2:1 chip underdog.  Hand 147 was the end.  When the flop came 4s 8h 3s they got all the chips in the middle.  Aktim had Th 8s and top pair but slotcrazy held 8c Jd and the better kicker. The jack was the deciding card.  Slotcrazy had gone from all but dead on hand 46 to the win 100 hands later.

Great game for everyone and an amazing win for Slotcrazy.  This is a great tournament.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and


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